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Here are some of the questions that have been asked by the readers.

Q: How long does it take you to draw one page of the comic?
A: Probably a day's worth of time depending on how
busy I am with other stuff.

Q: Lucia? Who's that?
A: Lucia's a forest fairy who is Link's companion.
Because I made up a Link to be in this comic, I wanted
him to have a companion. I didn't want to use anyone
who has appeared in a Zelda game already (like Navi,
Midna, Ezlo, etc) because Link's companions generally
make one game appearance each. You never see them in
any other Zelda game. So for this comic, with a different
Link comes a different companion. I based her appearance
off of a very special friend of mine. The friend I based
Lucia off of is VERY close to me. I had the idea for the
forest fairy, but I allowed my friend to help come up with
the name and such. I guess you can say that though Lucia
fits the bill as a typical Zelda companion, the character's
kinda personal to me since I wanted to give a bit of a tribute
to one of my closest friends. More information as far as her
personal history is in the Character Profile page.

Q: Have you ever tried inking/coloring any of your comics?
A: Yeah. I used to do comics for my High School's newspapers.
I used to ink them then. When I started this comic, however,
I didn't think it was going to be on a public website, so I
just never thought about it. I just decided to keep this
style because the pencil flows well with it for right now. And
also, before modifying the pages with Photoshop (that is if I
decide to do it), then I at least want the full comic done before
then. The next comic I do will more than likely be inked and colored.

Q: What visual influences inspired you to make the comic? Were the Smash Brothers incarnations some of those influences?
A: Yeah, you can say that. Smash had great designs. Some
of my designs that I have going for some characters were
primarily based on the most recent (and most detailed)
incarnations of the characters. I love realism. In the case
of the Mario characters, I got most of my ideas from Smash Brothers
because it was the most realistic I've ever seen them. For the
Zelda characters, Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess designs
helped out a lot. Of course, before doing the comic, I made
sure to keep the styles for each character constant throughout
the story. I'm very much into realistic style art. Here, I'm
merging my realism style of art with the generic video game
designs that we know and love. Looking at Smash, Ocarina, and
Twilight influenced the art greatly as well as a style of my very own.

Q: How often would you say you look at the poses in official art for this comic?
A: I look at poses in official art often, however, I draw
the poses a little differently. Some poses are trademarks,
like Wario's shoulder charge and Link's jump attack as well as
spin attack. I really needed to look at stuff like that so I
could nail those. But I also look at a lot of other poses from
real photography moreso than in official art. I may google search
images of certain poses I may want for certain situations.
But as far as poses in official art are concern, I keep the
generic look. I just change the style up a little, though.

Q: Why do you draw teeth the way you do in this comic?
A: I used to draw a lot of portraits, and I would reference
everything, including the teeth. I understand that if I don't
emphasize each tooth, you'll just have the teeth as one. During
most of the close-up shots, it wouldn't fit my style very much.
It may be necessary if the character was a distance. I think
drawing the teeth as one is probably better used if the comic had
a more cartoony style (or during more cartoony moments of the comic
if they exist). The next comic I do on Smackjeeves is going to be a
goof-off comic in Photoshop, and since the style may be a little more
cartoony than this, I may not reference teeth as much. To be honest,
I think the teeth aren't that bad. It's just drawing in a realistic
style is very challenging.

Q: Is the Link in your comic one of the Links that appeared in the series, or a different Link from another point in history?
A: He's a different Link in history. I actually made him up. It was
the best way to come up with a good story that included many token
Zelda characters. In fact, part of my Link's background is described
in Lucia the Forest Fairy's profile in the Character Profile. In fact,
Lucia was made up for that very reason. With a different Link comes a
different companion since Link's never had the same companion in more
than one quest. So Lucia being Link's companion further influences the
argument that this generic Link wasn't from a particular game in the series.