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Here are some links to some of the webcomics that I
find to be very humorous and interesting. You should really
check out their work.

Mosaic Overdose, by Molly-Sama
This is a very funny webcomic starring the OC of one
of my really good friends. It's about a gypsy with
strange and unique abilities. The comic, to me, is one
of the funniest comics I've read so far... and the
characters are pretty cool. Molly-Sama is one of the
peeps that introduced me to smackjeeves and helped me
to get an account here, so it would mean a lot if you
gave this comic a read. Honestly, it's gotta be one of
the funniest "original" works I've seen. Definitely
worth the read. Actually, you guys may be in for a treat
later. Molly's actually going to redo the story and
may have some surprises. The name of the story will be
Fae Grins. That link, as well as a couple of other of
her best works. Give them a read, guys. I'm sure you'll
love them.

Fae Grins --> Click here (Note: Still in the works)
Dominion Republic --> Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If Angels Prevailed --> Image and video hosting by TinyPicbr />

Bishouju Senshi Sailor Earth, by Yahikochan
Any fans of Sailor Moon out there? You remember in the
American series, Usagi, Sailor Moon, (we knew her as Serena)
had a best friend who's name was Naru. (we knew her as Molly)
In this fan fiction, It is Naru who is the one chosen
to be Sailor Earth. See what happens when one of Usagi's
friends take up a bigger role than anyone would believe.
Being a former watcher of the series, I actually enjoy
this fanfiction a lot. Plus, Yahikochan's a good friend
as well who also introduced me to smackjeeves. I say if
you're a Sailor Moon fan (or even an anime fan in general)
this should promise to be a very good read.

Neverland, also by Yahikochan
If you like Peter Pan, then this should be interesting. From the same
artist of Sailor Earth, this is an upcoming comic that I feel you guys
should check out. Personally, I really like Peter Pan a lot, so this
comic is actually worth the read. Of course, there's some originality
to this comic as well, so not really the exact same as the original
which is what actually makes the comic more interesting. New characters
embark on a journey to Neverland. Wanna know who? See for yourself.

Wibble, by Czar Squid
This is a pretty unique comic. It stars a mage by the name of Blue,
and he has a ninja-raccoon sidekick named Zack. Together, they embark
on an adventure and come across famous video game characters like Kirby
and Mario. It's an interesting take on the adventure which involves
zombies, magic, and special techniques that you may find interesting.
Czar Squid, the author, has also been helping me a lot since my first
coming on smackjeeves, and he's actually helped in getting people interested
in my comic as well. So it would mean a lot if you give Wibble a read.
I have read the majority of what he has already, and it's actually really
cool. Give it a read and see what you think, peeps.