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Here are the cast of characters and their profiles. :)


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Donkey Kong Arcade, 1981
Role in games - The main hero
LoMK Profile:
Mario has once again defeated Bowser, rescues the
Princess Peach Toadstool, and brings peace back to
Mushroom Kingdom. Unfortunately, Bowser left quite a
mess. All of the Power Stars of Peach's Castle are still
scattered throughout Mushroom Kingdom. As Mario would
have been the first to go and look for the stars, Luigi
and Yoshi go instead so that Mario can stay in the
castle in order to keep a closer eye on Peach. Although
Bowser has been defeated, a bigger threat awaits, and
Mario is very suspicious towards it. Whatever evil it
is, Mario is prepared to do everything he can to stop it.
In this comic, Mario is the main hero representing the
Mario characters.


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
Role in games - The main hero
LoMK Profile:
Link is a warrior from Hyrule who inherits from great
heroes in the past. He has a triangular-shaped mark on
his left hand, indicating that he is a hero chosen by
destiny. Legends of his kingdom told of a horrifying
evil known as Ganon. Once upon a time, Hyrule was under
Ganon's mercy until the hero of that legend defeated Ganon and
sealed him inside of a Sacred Realm. After centuries of
containment, Ganon has become strong enough to break that
seal, and now that he corrupts the world with his
presence, Link has to do everything he can to stop him.
His mission in this comic is pretty much no different
than in the Zelda games. In this comic, Link is the
main hero representing the Zelda characters.

*Princess Peach Toadstool*

Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Brothers, 1985
Role in games - Damsel-in-distress, occasional heroine
LoMK Profile:
Princess Peach Toadstool is the royal official of
Mushroom Kingdom who resides in a beautiful castle. She
is once again rescued from Bowser's grasp by Mario,
and the Toads, her loyal and yet timid servants, are
relieved. While under strong protection with Mario by
her side, Peach meets a beautiful Toad from far away...
saying that there is an evil in Mushroom Kingdom that is
far beyond Bowser. Being of royal power, Peach has a bad
feeling that she may more than likely be the target of
this new evil. Although she's been known to fight
occasionally, this is an evil that Peach is by no means
ready to endure.

*Princess Zelda*

Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
Role in games - Damsel-in-distress, the main heroine
LoMK Profile:
Knowing that the legendary King of Evil, Ganondorf, has
escaped from his seal, Princess Zelda worries for the
people of her kingdom. She is considered the Princess of
Destiny, for she received visions of Ganondorf's return
through her dreams. It pains her to see that the people
in her kingdom are being tormented by Ganondorf and his
henchmen. As Ganondorf makes his way to different
kingdoms around the world, Princess Zelda is able to
pinpoint his present location, which is Mushroom Kingdom.
As she goes to this strange land, she sends Impa to seek
the Hero Chosen by Destiny so that he, too, can follow
the path that she left for him. If it gets down to it,
Zelda is willing to risk her own life for the people of
Hyrule. She plays the role as the main heroine of this


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Mario Brothers Arcade, 1983
Role in games - Sidekick/The hero's ally
LoMK Profile:
After Bowser's defeat, the Power Stars have to be
recovered. Luigi, along with Yoshi, agree to search for
the Stars while Mario stays in the castle to watch over
Peach. Luigi eventually finds himself in a dark forest,
and he later meets up with his old nemesis, King Boo.
King Boo had a Power Star in his grasp, and Luigi
reluctantly follows him to a ghost house, filled with the
most gruesome monsters known in the Mario/Zelda
franchises. Let's hope that Luigi can hang in there.

*Lucia, the Forest Fairy*

Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - None. She's an OC, 2008.
Role in games - She would be considered a sidekick/ally
LoMK Profile:
Lucia, the Forest Fairy, is Link's fairy companion who
travels with him on his quest. She became Link's
companion after the death of Link's caretaker and master,
Orkano. After living in the forest with Link and being
with him since his childhood, Lucia is always there by Link's
side for better or worse. The idea of Lucia is based on
the fact that in Zelda games, Link has had many sidekicks.
But every game had a different sidekick (Navi in Ocarina
of Time, Tatl in Majora's Mask, Midna in Twilight
Princess, etc). So for LoMK, if Link had to have a
companion, this had to be someone who has made no
occurence in a Zelda game but at the same time has the
stereotypical Zelda theme. That's where Lucia came in.
As a forest fairy, she assists Link in the best way
possible. She also has the ability to restore health to
anyone who's injured, however doing so may cause her
great pain. If she gives off too much health, she could
die. Her design was based off of a special friend of


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario World, 1990
Role in games - The hero's ally
LoMK Profile:
Yoshis are a race of colorful dinosaurs who are always living
a peaceful and exciting life in their home in Yoshi's Island.
In this comic shall star a very special Yoshi. This
Yoshi, the heroic and friendly green dinosaur, agrees to
search for the Power Stars alongside Luigi. As Luigi
searched the dark forest, Yoshi searches the grasslands.
As he is searching for the Stars, he comes across a
peculiar fellow who rants about finding Forest Fairies.
Also, for some inexplicable reason, he teams up with
Yoshi and helps him find many Power Stars. Let's hope
that the duo doesn't run into trouble.


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Majora's Mask, 2000
Role in games - Comic relief, sometimes the hero's ally
LoMK Profile:
Well, not exactly a real hero, but he does help with the
comic relief. Tingle is a mysterious little middle-aged
man with a big imagination. Having a belief that he is
the reincarnation of a fairy, he prances around in green
looking for forest fairies. Upon seeing Yoshi, a "green"
dinosaur, Tingle believed Yoshi to be a "Fairy Beast" and
thought that the Power Stars gave the "Fairy Beast"
magical powers to find lots of forest fairies. Because
of this absurd belief, Tingle assists Yoshi in finding
the Power Stars. Tingle's specialties include making
charts, balloon floating, and making Tingle Bombs for
fighting... and chanting his magical phrase "Kooloo-
Limpah" gives him what he calls his "fairy abilities".
Hopefully, he won't drive poor Yoshi nuts.



Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, 1992
Role in games - Rival/antihero
LoMK Profile:
Wario is a fat, greedy, and ill-tempered counterpart of
Mario. Their true relationship is unknown, but as far as
we know, they're rivals. Wario typically likes to go
hunting for treasures in order to steal them for his own
self. Wario has a fascination for riches, and he'll do
whatever it takes to become the richest man in the
Mushroom World. The people don't like Wario much because
of his motives, and not to mention his attitude. In this
comic, Wario is mostly seen beating up Ganondorf's
minions, because whenever they're defeated, they drop
valuables such as rupees and stuff (much like in the
games). When Wario catches sight of Link, he sees that
Link has many valuable items that could be worth a lot in
the Mushroom World. We all know how strong Link is, so
best of luck to Wario. Even with all of his superhuman
strength, Wario does not have Link's knowledge or skill,
so Wario's gonna need all the luck he can get.


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Mario Tennis, 2000
Role in games - Rival/spin-off character
LoMK Profile:
No one knows the true relationship between Wario and
Waluigi. But one thing is for sure. They both carry the
same ill-tempered attitude. Waluigi is the counterpart,
and rival, of Mario's brother Luigi. It has been proven
time and time again in the Mario events. Since Waluigi
was only seen competing against the Mario characters, his
profession is cheating. As much as Wario likes to steal
in adventures, Waluigi likes to cheat in competitions.
Even in fighting, he doesn't fight fair at all. If
there's any dirty way of winning, he'll figure it out.
Typically, he's seen tagging along with Wario in stealing
valuables and rupees. All he really cares about is just
tormenting everybody that he and Wario come across. It's
mostly been Ganondorf's henchmen. But with the ill
attitudes, you can be sure that there will be moments
where Waluigi and Wario won't get along.



Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Brothers, 1985
Role in games - The main villain/rival
LoMK Profile:
Bowser is the King of a turtle-like race known as the
Koopas. They have been enemies of Mushroom Kingdom for
the longest time. Bowser has a desire to rule Mushroom
Kingdom with Princess Peach by his side, however every
time he attempts to do this, Mario is always in his way,
outsmarting him every time. This time, it was no
different. It seemed like Bowser was up to his old
tricks again in the beginning of the comic. He stole
the Power Stars and tried to defeat Mario, but failed.
It was discovered that Bowser is only desperate for the
Power Stars because of Ganondorf. Ganondorf has not only
taken over Bowser's castle, but Bowser is now at
Ganondorf's mercy because his son, Bowser Jr., is
Ganondorf's prisoner. So now, Bowser has two enemies:
Mario and Ganondorf. His plan now is to defeat Mario and
find the Power Stars in order to overpower Ganondorf.
Can Bowser truly win?


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - The Legend of Zelda, 1986
Role in games - The main villain/rival
LoMK Profile:
Long ago, the Legendary Hero in Hyrule sealed Ganondorf
into an Evil Realm. This dark prison should have kept
the King of Evil trapped in this realm forever. However,
although he was sealed, he still possessed the Triforce
of Power given to him by the Gods. Using that power, he
eventually broke out of his prison after centuries of
containment. Hyrule has now become a land where monsters
roam. The people of Hyrule are at the mercy of this
brutality. And while Ganondorf left his henchmen to
watch over Hyrule, he created a void in order to travel
to different areas in the world, conquering kingdom after
kingdom. If this continues, Ganondorf will surely rule
the world. Right now, the kingdom he is about to conquer
is Mushroom Kingdom. Although Mario is a strong, brave, and
wise hero indeed, not even he can match Ganondorf's
powers. Ganondorf's dark magic and sorcery overpowers
even Bowser. Mario will need a lot of help defeating
this new evil that now haunts Mushroom Kingdom. If
Bowser's not even a match for Ganondorf, then this is a
serious problem indeed.

Note: The rest are just the supporting cast that are also going to be in the comic. If you're interested, you can take a look, but these characters do not have roles as big as the previous characters.



Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Legend of Zelda, 1986 (instruction booklet)
Role in games - Supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Impa, the ancestor of an ancient race of warriors long
passed, has been the caretaker of Princess Zelda since
Zelda was a baby. Impa knew from the beginning that
there was something special about Princess Zelda. As
Ganondorf begins his reign of terror, there is little
Zelda can do. Princess Zelda, however, saw a warrior
clad in green with the symbol of the gods on his left
hand. This warrior is said to have the key to defeating
this evil. As Zelda goes undercover to seek out the
location of Ganondorf, Impa agrees to seek out the
warrior of Zelda's vision. Falling victim to some of
Ganondorf's henchmen, it just so happens that she is
rescued by the very same man in Zelda's dream. It
was Impa who informed Link of the terrors of Hyrule
and the events that were caused by Ganondorf. It was
also from Impa that Link learned of Princess Zelda and
of Ganondorf's reign in Mushroom Kingdom.

*Bowser Junior*

Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Sunshine, 2002
Role in games - Antagonist
LoMK Profile:
Bowser Jr is the proud son of the Koopa King, Bowser.
Being heir to the lineup of the Royal Koopas, Bowser Jr
has high expectations. He inherits the same cold heart
that his father shares, and he also helps his father
in divising plans for outwitting Mario. Upon first
hearing of Mario and Peach, Bowser once told his son
that Peach was his mother and Mario was a bully trying
to take her away. That was what initiated his hatred
for Mario. Even though he later learned the truth,
his desire to fight Mario continued. In this comic,
he is held captive by Ganondorf. If Bowser disobeys
Ganondorf, then Bowser Jr will die. And with this
three-way battle between Bowser, Ganondorf, and the
good guys, one can only question what will become of
the young Koopa Prince.


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Sunshine, 2002
Role in games - Supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Toadsworth plays the role as Princess Peach's most
trusted advisor. He is the eldest of the Toads and
the wisest. In this comic, Toadsworth is seen talking
to Mario as he is protecting Peach in the castle. He
encourages Mario, Peach, and the rest of the good guys
as much as he possibly can. Although Toadsworth doesn't
look like it, he has been of service to the Super Mario
team on many occasions, from newer adventures to even
some of the parties and events.


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Mario Kart: Double Dash, 2003
Role in games - Spinoff character
LoMK Profile:
Toadette is a cute female Toad that's been seen in
many Mario Kart and Mario Party events. She is a
celebrity among Toads, being the most popular female
Toad. In this comic, a new female Toad's in town, and
she's unintentionally taking the spotlight from the
petite Toadette. Toadette's a little jealous, but who
knows. Maybe she'll get over it.


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers???
Debut Game - None... she's partially an OC, 2008
Role in games - Unknown
LoMK Profile:
Toadella, a Toad from a far off region in the Mushroom
World, has come to Mushroom Kingdom in order to see
Princess Peach. Hearing of the Royalty of Mushroom
Kingdom influenced her to meet her from such a long
way. Seeing Peach and Mario was a high honor for
Toadella indeed. Toadella, however, is quite a bizarre
Toad. For one thing, she's taller than any Toad in
the Mushroom World, and not to mention very attractive
for a Toad. Male Toads, as well as humans, are
speechless at the sight of her beauty, and Toadette
seems to be ignored because of her. But the strangest
thing about Toadella is that somehow, she knows more
about the new threat than the heroes of the Super Mario
group. Who is she, and where did she hear these "rumors"
of the new threat? So much beauty and yet... so much of
a mystery.

*Dark Link*

Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, 1987
Role in games - Antagonist
LoMK Profile:
Dark Link is an entity of Link that represents the
darkness in him. He shares all of Link's attributes,
including his swordsplay and special fighting techniques.
Dark Link, in most games, is typically seen as a test
for Link in order to see if Link is truly worthy of
moving onward. The name of that test, as many Zelda
players may know, is "Conquer Yourself". In this comic,
Link has to conquer his own evil if he ever hoped to
gain possession of the Master Sword, the Blade of Evil's
Bane. Does Link have what it takes to defeat his
dark side?

*The Great Fairy*

Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - A Link to the Past, 1991
Role in games - Supporting character
LoMK Profile:
The Legend of Zelda have always been known for having
what are known as Fairy Fountains. Whenever Link has
taken a few beatings during battle, one of the options
to help regain his strength would be to visit the Fairy
Fountain so that the Great Fairy of that fountain can
restore his health back to 100%. The Great Fairy is
seen in this comic no different than how she would
possibly be seen in a Zelda game. She is the one who
tells Link where to find the portal left behind by
Ganondorf. The portal would lead Link to the Mushroom
World, which is filled with many kingdoms ripe for
Ganondorf's taking. Fortunately, as always, the Great
Fairy restored Link to full health.


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Ocarina of Time, 1998
Role in games - Companion
LoMK Profile:
Throughout many Zelda games, Epona is Link's noble
steed. The horse endures the journey guiding Link
across fields, past valleys, and across forests. This
horse knows adventure just as well as Link does. The
horse is brave and tough, too. Whenever Link gives out
the three-note call on his flute, no matter where she
is, Epona will hear those notes and come to her master's
aid at once. In this comic, it will later be revealed
that the horse was a gift from Malon right before Hyrule
turned into a world of monsters.


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Ocarina of Time, 1998
Role in games - Supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Malon is a Hylian who lives in a ranch called Lon Lon
Ranch. The ranch is owned by her father, Talon. As
Malon have lived in that ranch all of her life, one
thing that she has always longed for was a knight in
shining armor to just carry her away into a paradise.
She inherits her mother's lovely singing voice. In fact,
the very song she loves to sing is the song she taught
Link that helped to tame the wild steed, Epona. When
Hyrule was attacked by Ganondorf, she and Talon made
refuge in order to get away from the monsters. Upon
finding a portal that lead to a peaceful Mushroom
Kingdom, they decided to hide out there for a bit.
While they are in town, Malon is taking the liberty
of getting to know the Toads and setting up a milk
market right in Toad Town. Though it's quite sad to
say, she has yet to realize that even Mushroom Kingdom
isn't as safe as she and her father believes.


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Ocarina of Time, 1998
Role in games - Supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Talon is the owner of Hyrule's Lon Lon Ranch. He and
his daughter, Malon, took refuge to Mushroom Kingdom
to escape from Ganondorf's reign of terror in Hyrule.
Though his daughter seems to be very enthusiastic and
hard-working, Talon is typically seen lounging about
and sleeping. And once he starts sleeping, there isn't
very many things that can wake him. Despite the fact
that he's a laid-back farmer, Malon generally doesn't
mind (though every once in a while, even his own daughter
may start giving him lectures). Talon carries a strange
and bizarre similarity to Mario as far as appearance.
In fact, the first time Malon lay eyes on Mario, she
mistakens Mario for her father. Fortunately, when
Talon took a walk around Mushroom Gorge, he came
across a Power Star before drifting off to dreamland.


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Land, 1989
Role in games - Antagonist (The details of that are
uncertain. In this comic, he's a supporting character)
LoMK Profile:
Hiyoihoi is a resident of a region known as Sarasaland.
Sarasaland is made up of four kingdoms (Birabuto, Muda,
Easton, and Chai). Hiyoihoi is the leader of a race of
beings known as the Tokotokos. They reside in the
Easton Kingdom of Sarasaland. Mario encountered
Hiyoihoi once when Hiyoihoi was working under a
sinister alien known as Tatanga. According to the
storyline, it was said that the residents, in reality,
were possessed by Tatanga in order to prevent anyone
from rescuing Princess Daisy, so it hasn't been
confirmed whether Hiyoihoi was actually a minion of
Tatanga or one of the residents who were possessed.
In this comic, we learn that Hiyoihoi was indeed a
resident (and a friend of Daisy's). Ganondorf, sad to
say, has already taken over Sarasaland prior to invading
Mushroom Kingdom. And because Hiyoihoi is the leader of
the Easton Kingdom, he is one of Ganondorf's targets.


Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, 1995
Role in games - Antagonist
LoMK Profile:
Kamek is a Magikoopa, a member of the Koopas with powers
of wizardry. His is old in age. When Bowser was a baby,
Kamek was the one who took care of him. It was also
Kamek who predicted that Mario and Luigi would be future
threats to the Koopas. In this story, Kamek receives
orders from Bowser to watch over Yoshi and see how many
Power Stars he can gather. As soon as Yoshi finds them,
Kamek will steal the Power Stars and apprehend the
dinosaur. Kamek is also Bowser's second-in-command as
far as guarding prisoners, Power Stars, and other stuff.
With his Magikoopa abilities, Kamek can be a problem for
the good guys.

*King Boo*

Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Luigi's Mansion, 2001
Role in games - Antagonist
LoMK Profile:
As Luigi and Yoshi come across a spooky forest in their
search for the Power Stars, neither are willing to brave
the forest. Luigi reluctantly volunteers and tells
Yoshi to search the grasslands. As the frightened
plumber braves the forest, he eventually comes across
a star. But before he can grab it, King Boo snatches
it and disappears into a ghost house, where he was in
charge of rallying up the creepiest and most terrifying
enemies to be seen in the Mario and Zelda worlds.
Re-Deads and Poes formed an alliance with Boos and
Dry Bones, and there was nothing Luigi could do. On
top of which, before Luigi even manages to find King
Boo, the Power Star had already been delievered to
Bowser. At the very least, it's going to take Luigi
everything he's got in order to survive King Boo's

*Princess Daisy*

Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Land, 1989
Role in games - Damsel-in-distress, spin-off character
LoMK Profile:
Princess Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, the
sister kingdom to Mushroom Kingdom. Her castle lies
in the Kingdom of Sarasaland known as Chai. There have
been moments where Sarasaland has been in peril. She
was once abducted by an alien named Tatanga, who was
defeated by Mario. Princess Daisy is typically seen
in Mario competitions. As a result, her tomboyish
attitude developed a killer instinct much unlike the
rest of the Super Mario characters. There's a side to
her that even Bowser fears. In the comic, she's held
captive by Ganondorf's henchmen. As Link attempts to
save her, he has no idea of Daisy's potential. She's a
lot tougher than she appears.

*Prince Raul*

Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - None, he's an OC, 2008
Role in games - If he had a role, he'd be a supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Raul is the crown prince of the Zora tribe. Ever since
Ganondorf's escape from the sacred realm, the Zora's
Domain in Hyrule changed. The waters began to lose more
and more of its rich purity because of the amount of
evil that invaded the land. The waters eventually became
so impure that many Zora's are struggling to survive.
The Prince had to do something about this. He wanted
to stop Ganondorf by any means necessary. Learning from
the Water Spirit, Jabu, that Ganondorf was in Mushroom
Kingdom (and not to mention learning how to get there),
he sets out on a journey to save his people by any
means necessary. In the comic, he's in a scene where
he and Darwin, the Goron patriarch, rescue Mario from
nearly getting devoured by a Boss Bass.

*Darwin the Patriarch*

Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - None, he's an OC, 2008
Role in games - If he had a role, he'd be a supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Being the big brother of the Gorons, Darwin had a
huge responsibility to uphold. He comes from a strong
bloodline of Goron heroes, including Darunia, the
Legendary Goron Sage of Fire. The Gorons are proud,
mountain-dwelling beings who have been of assistance
to Link on his quest at some points. With their immense
size and brute strength, one would find it foolhardy
to challenge a Goron to a fight. However, when Ganondorf
began his reign in Hyrule, he threatened the Gorons.
He demanded that the Gorons put their strength to use
by building monuments for him. They were enslaved by
Ganondorf's minions. Had they refused, Ganondorf
threatened to take away their food supply. But the
harsh treatment alone has endangered the Goron life.
Darwin couldn't stand for this. When he learned from
Prince Raul of Ganondorf's location, he journeyed with
Raul to stop Ganondorf. Best of luck to him.

*Petey Piranha*

Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Sunshine, 2002
Role in games - Antagonist
LoMK Profile:
Petey Piranha is a Piranha Plant with a big head and
tiny legs. He's huge in comparison to most of the Super
Mario characters. Being of great size, he's typically
seen as one of Bowser's strongest guards. He wears a
speedo of red with white dots (matching the color of
his head. Petey Piranha, despite his oversized and
threatening appearance, isn't too smart, however.
He's always leaving his mouth open for the Mario
characters to squirt enough water in to make him
inflate... and once he falls on his back, his inflated
belly is slammed. In this comic, Petey Piranha finds
a Power Star somewhere pass the grasslands. Thinking
that it's food, he swallows the star. Yoshi and Tingle
eventually come across him and fight him.

*The Seven Koopalings*

Franchise - Super Mario Brothers
Debut Game - Super Mario Brothers 3, 1988
Role in games - Antagonists, each and every one
LoMK Profile:
The seven Koopalings are the seven children in
Bowser's family. All seven of them each have different
personalities, but they all have the same goal - to
destroy Mario and his friends. In this comic, they all
are working under Bowser's second-in-command, Kamek.
Kamek abducts Yoshi and Tingle and when he imprisons
them, he leaves the seven Koopalings to guard them.
The seven Koopalings include the following going from
oldest to youngest:
Ludwig von Koopa (The sinister leader)
Lemmy Koopa (The silly clown)
Roy Koopa (The big bully)
Iggy Koopa (The diabolical geek)
Wendy O. Koopa (The spoiled brat)
Morton Koopa, Jr. (The talkative grouch)
Larry Koopa (The quiet athlete)


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Twilight Princess, 2006
Role in games - Supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Ilia is different in the comic than she was in Twilight
Princess. In this comic, there's a Hylian girl by the
name of Ilia (possibly a relative of the young girl
from the ancient Ordonian Province bearing the same name).
She is a resident of Kakariko Village. Her grandfather
is the Kakariko Village Elder. When Ganondorf's henchmen
attacked, her grandfather did everything in his power
to prevent the monsters from hurting her. He told her
to take her adopted brother, Colin, and find safety. As
she, Colin, and other villagers hid in a cave, Ilia
could only worry of her grandfather's safety. The
common attributes this Ilia shares with the one in TP
are the fact that she's not only a very compassionate
girl but she's also the relative of a high official.
In Twilight Princess, she's the mayor's daughter. Here,
she's the Kakariko Village Elder's granddaughter.


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Twilight Princess, 2006
Role in games - Supporting character
LoMK Profile:
Colin is different in the comic than he was in Twilight
Princess. In Twilight Princess, he was the son of a
master swordsman named Rusl, and he and his family
lived in the Ordonian Province. The time frame of
this comic takes place years later. This Colin,
possibly a relative of the Colin from the game,
witnessed his parents' death at the hands of
Ganondorf's minions. When he was all alone, the
Kakariko Village Elder adopted him and raised him
like a grandson. Colin and Ilia managed to make their
escape during a Moblin raid, however, Colin wanted to
make sure the Elder was safe. Despite the fact that
Hyrule was infested with monsters, Colin braved
Kakariko Village. Upon nearly getting killed by the
Moblins, his life was saved by Princess Zelda. The
common attribute that this Colin shares with his TP
counterpart is the fact that he's very young and
timid... however he wants to develop a strong sense
of courage like the heroes he's heard so much about
in Hylian legends.

*Kakariko Village Elder*

Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - None, he's an OC, 2008
Role in games - If he had a role, he'd be a supporting character
LoMK Profile:
This character is an influence on Sahasrahla, who was
the village elder of Kakariko in A Link to the Past.
In this comic, this man is the elder of the village.
He has a granddaughter, Ilia, and an adopted grandson,
Colin. When a Moblin raid came, he risked his own life
in order for his children to make their escape to a
safe place. As Zelda protected Colin on his journey
to find the elder, they find him in the Kakariko
Village Sanctuary wounded. He was lying amongst the
statues of the Three Goddesses of Hyrule (Din, Nayru,
and Farore). Upon seeing Colin and Zelda in his last
few moments of his life, he finally understood that
Princess Zelda was the Princess of Destiny and that
she represented hope for Hyrule.


Franchise - Legend of Zelda
Debut Game - Four Swords, 2002
Role in games - Antagonist
LoMK Profile:
Being born of a tiny race of beings known as the
Picori (or Minish), Vaati was the servant for a
sage by the name of Ezlo, who created a magical
cap that granted wishes. Behind Ezlo's back, Vaati
stole this hat in order to make his ultimate wish of
becoming the most powerful sorcerer in the world. And
that is how the Wind Sorcerer gained his power. The
power-greedy sorcerer has many times tried to steal the
power of the Light Force hidden within the legendary
princesses, but he was stopped by the Heroes of those
legends. His last fight was in the Palace of Winds, where
in an effort to team with Ganon in order to defeat good,
the Four Sword finished him off. Now that Ganondorf's
back, he somehow managed to use his dark powers to revive
the Wind Sorcerer. When Ganondorf grew concerned about
Bowser's actions, he sent Vaati to watch over the Koopa King.
Ganondorf wants to ensure that Bowser does not double-cross
him, and in case he does, Vaati is given orders to finish him
if need be. But Vaati, like Ganondorf, is a power-hungry
sorcerer who will stop at nothing to become the most powerful
being in the world. Can Ganondorf really trust Vaati?